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The I.G.N.I.T.E. Coaching Trek II Onsite will take the spiritual leaders to embark on a special journey across the six different stages of their leadership development demanded by emerging ministries in today’s world. LaunchPad Station is where they begin the journey into the stages, and HyperLoop Station is where the journey ends but is looped back into another ministry journey at a totally different dimension. Each stage is not necessarily placed in a linear path but more likely interwoven into a net of 24 different nodes. The trek II Onsite is to complete the journey in the length of 18 months. It includes an one-day onsite bootcamp in the fourth month. Participants are required to travel to the onsite location for the bootcamps.

I.G.N.I.T.E Coaching focuses on

  • A.ctivating your leader team through Asset-Based Competency Development (ABCD)

  • B.uilding up a narrative of concern/opportunity for your community

  • C.onstructing your Innovative Ministry Model (IMM) driving results

  • D.eveloping your Ministry Value Proposition (MVP) attractive for your focused groups

  • E.nlisting the early adopters through Minimum Viable Ministry (MVM) diffusion strategy

  • F.using technology platforms into Ministry Operating System (MOS) for maximum impacts

  • G.rowing strategically by feeding back your evaluation analysis with a clear focus