Tutti Circle: Tutti Crafters by Alison

Tutti Circle: Tutti Crafters by Alison

In January, the start of a new year was very promising. A new year meant new opportunities and new chances; a fresh new start on things. I was looking forward to new classes and a new semester in college. Well really, I was looking forward to making new friends in those classes. Funny enough, I ended up making the most friends outside of college at an organization called Tutti.

On January 30th I showed up at this Korean Church on St. Marks, not really knowing what I was getting myself into. Not only did I end up meeting quite a lot of awesome people, but I also ended up signing myself up for a Tutti Crafters, a Tutti Circle that hoped to make a bunch of DIY (a.k.a do it yourself) projects. At the time, I was naïve and excited; I had no idea what a Circle was, but the people were cool so it seemed like an interesting endeavor.

And so that one leap of faith brought me on my journey of making those cute DIY projects that you always see on Pinterest but never actually do.

Spearheaded by the effervescent Angela, every other week our small group found ourselves talking and laughing over creative projects. Our first task was making Popin Cookin Candy – for those of you who don’t know, it’s a small box of sugar that, when mixed with water, can be shaped into miniature-sized food. It’s quite adorable. And weirdly fascinating.

Another night, we made our own mixture of bath salts, using salt, essential oils, food dyes, and glass jars. (Lots of salt-spilling ensued.) It was fun, choosing the various scents and colors, creating our own masterpieces.

Other activities included decorating wine bottles and creating sugar scrubs, crafts that allowed each of us to design and create our own vision. In the end, although each craft was simple and easy to do, they allowed us to express ourselves.

Honestly, I never realized how much expression one little craft could hold until I joined the Craft Circle. Every time, all of us were given the same materials; every time, each project came out different from another. We were all given the same project, but we all saw it differently.

During these projects, I was exposed to other people’s creations. Not only that, but I was introduced and opened up to new people. When I look back at the crafts I made, I remember the people more than I remember the time and effort it took to complete something.

As I type up this article, I can glance over to any of the projects we made to refresh my memory. But whenever I look back on these memories, I remember the people. I remember Angela’s enthusiasm and desire to make the crafts come out perfect; I remember Jasmine’s clumsiness and the time she spilled salt all over herself; I remember Erica always trying to peek in on ioDanzo because the music was too tempting.

In the end, I had a ton of fun with these DIY projects – I finally get to say I’ve made something off of Pinterest. But as much as I love using the things we made, I know the end result will never match up to the company I spent time creating it.